gradual recovery

continuing from yesterday, feeling a bit better. experiencing greater clarity of the mind, but the clarity comes and goes. still sleeping a lot as well. recovery seems very slow.

not 100% back to normal yet. still find some tasks daunting and too overwhelming. but at least the three most difficult tasks of the day – lunch, dinner and shower – are not as difficult as before.

am starting to seek out social interaction and starting to open up again. contacted P and S on whatsapp today.

starting to seek out productive things to occupy the mind. even typing the entry to this post gives a sense of productivity.

neverthelssbut sense of nervousness remains.

in addition to clarity of mind, experiencing increased energy levels as well.

waiting till Friday for my next appointment with Dr. Lee. What medication will he prescribe this time?

must not be impatient to recover. must allow body and mind to take it’s course. there is so much that i want to do but i must not be impatient and shortchange the recovery process.

suddenly feel empty and nervous. will something bad happen? how will i fill my time? how will i fill my time? what will happen when i am better?

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