felt frustrated talking to the Bear again…. i know he feels vulnerable and afraid because of the symptoms he’s been experiencing…. but i wished he were tougher and wouldn’t look to me for support. i don’t know why i am so uncaring. don’t feel like talking to him when he is unsure and uncertain of things…. does he expect me to know what to do?

talking to him feels like such a chore sometimes…. i should be more supportive…

but i can’t stand it when he feels so afraid of illness. we all die one day…. i don’t fear physical pain… why can’t he get a grip of himself? what does he fear?

sometimes i just don’t feel like talking to him. i wished he would take charge and know what to do…. instead of looking to me and depending on me…..

Lord, how can i minister to him? how can i be honest about how i feel and yet be able to be caring & supportive?

i feel irritated & annoyed. wished he’d get a grip….

i really don’t feel like talking to him sometimes. i don’t mind taking care of him when he is sick and i will support him. just don’t talk to me in that whiny scared tone…. i don’t know how to help you!

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