i wonder why….

i sometimes wonder why i get frustrated or irritated with the Bear….. i love him but we seem too different…..

i sometimes feel i have to be extra patient and hide my true feelings… otherwise i would snap easily…. Lord forgive me….

many a times when he tells me things or share his opinion or thought processes with me i feel like screaming and tearing my hair out!! maybe i am just too quick to dismiss him and am too judgmental….

i am trying and learning to be supportive and patient… i really am… but sometimes it feels quite ‘san fu’…

how can i tell him how i feel without hurting him? he is already changing so much for me….

like last sunday in church, we were all in the conversation about the football match the night before and he could not follow most of the puns and jokes…. *sigh*….

i am trying to see his great many positive traits and how they outweigh this apparent incompatibility…..

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