so far so good

as opposed to two weeks ago, things have been going pretty well…

had a lovely weekend. on saturday, went for haircut at fei’s, then karaoke with cell mates, church after and then wonderful dinner with LTT and PSS at this croatian place near solaris. interesting fare! thereafter we chanced upon EV on a date at haagen daaz, which he vehemently denies. so sweet…;)

spent sunday with my darlings, and had a pretty long core meeting after that. quite disheartened and sad to hear of teachers leaving the ministry and going back on a commitment to serve at the children’s home. but what can i say, i am sure they have their reasons. in any case, judge not less you be judge.

things have also been going surprisingly well with colleagues at work. have also gotten closer to peeps at cell. incidentally WW also paid up the penalty payment owing after much drama! full payment expected this week! woo hoo!

hope things will hold up like this for longer.

p/s: only downside is phone crapped out on me. on a grand scheme of things, it’s not a catastrophy.

p/p/s: feel slight romantic stirrings towards GD which should abate over time.

p/p/s: currently reading an interesting book on biblical courtship vs. dating. jury is still out on this one. 

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