What next…

Am at a point where I’m considering what I to do next. My career is non-existent and I really don’t want to continue in finance. I tired of selling stuff I don’t beleive in. I’m tired of convincing myself I like something when I obviously do not. I want integrity in what I’m doing. To truly truly enjoy what I do because I love it and because I’m good at it. Full stop.

There are so many things I’d like to try but I don’t dare embark on them, considering my inability to handle physical and mental stress. Yet, I need to do something I’m really good at and passionate about or I’d wither up inside.

Some basic questions:

1. What am I good at?

  • Writing and articulating thoughts and ideas
  • Planning, organising and executing events

2. What do I enjoy doing? What do I naturally gravitate towards?

  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Thinking/musing having thoughts and opinions about matters
  • Reading up on beauty & make-up
  • Reading up on cars
  • Working with toddlers
  • Shopping

3. What talents & skills do I have?

  • Marketing skills, dealing with clients
  • Good MS Excel, Word, Powerpoint skills
  • Financial modelling
  • Writing skills
  • Setting up websites
  • Ability to converse on a wide array of topics
  • Good general knowledge
  • Proactive approach to things
  • Good with children

4. What are my weaknesses?

  • Inability to handle physical and mental stress
  • Poor discipline in certain areas

5. What causes am I passionate about?

  • Increasing literacy among Malaysians
  • Increase appreciation of the arts among Malaysians
  • Social work?

6. What do I want achieve before I die? My Bucket List (updated 7.4.09):

  • Run a successful business
  • Set up a magazine
  • Travel the world
  • Have a family & raise Godly children
  • Host a talkshow & interview key personalities
  • Read the entire bible
  • Learn how to play the drum
  • Volunteer with the UN and work in Africa/Latin America/Russia
  • Read Law and Politics/International Relations
  • Finish banking exams

Some ideas based on the above:

  • I need to work for myself to give myself the flexibility to take time off during my down times.
  • Set up e-zine as editor and contributor. What to write about? A magazine for yuppies? For women like me. Lifestyle and opinions? Encourage submissions.  Encourage young authors.
  • Write articles for newpapers, periodicals
  • Set up e-business. What sort? Service based business? Product based business?  
  • Sign up to for online volunteering
  • Sign up for the University of London long distance learning programme
  • Sign up for drum lessons

God, what do I do in this season of life? What do you want me to do with this life so that it will glorify You? You have given me talents skills, desires, and dreams. How am I to harness them to achieve what You want me to do? The point is not for me to be happy, but for me to fulfil God’s plan and will for my life. Guide me O Lord I pray, In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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