my funeral service

was doing my usual bit of thinking and ruminating before sleeping last night when i thought of planning my funeral service. it’s not that i’m suicidal or morbid, just like to plan how i leave. it helps me live in the present better you know, since i never know when God’s going to call me

i’d like to know which pastor will deliver the message, what the sermon will be like (about hope and joy because of Christ), what songs will be sung (my favourite hymns and worship songs), who will give the eulogy, what the decor will be like (white and silver theme), what flowers (white lilies), musicians, etc. plus, i so vain, thinking about what i’d like to wear and what make-up i’d like done. hahaha. anyway, i’d like the service to be a celebration of my life and my passions. i would hope most of my loved ones and friends will be there to say goodbye. if possible, i would like to give them each a personal message, to tell them how much they mean to me and how they have impacted my life.

so here goes:

Flowers: White lilies

Colour scheme: White & silver

Theme: Celebration of life. Rejoice!

Eulogy: Patt

Attendees: The people I love: family, friends from CJ, Cambridge, dinner group, ToddZone, bookclub

Video presentation: Pictures of my happiest times, my interests, my passions

Pastor: Ps Lee Choo or Ps Sally?

Message: Of hope and joy because of Christ

Song: When I Survey The Wondrous Cross, Be thou my vision

Singer: I-wei

Memory verse: Gal 2:20

Souvenir: Pewter bookmarks with memory verse

Epitaph: ?

What to wear: ?

Letter to each one?

Poem: ?

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