freedom of speech

i wholehearted believe in the freedom of speech, even though i believe this right is somewhat curtailed in this country and dare not speak out because i am a coward.

i think everyone should have the right to say what they think or feel, even if it is offensive to some. yes, even if it is deemed offensive to some. we can vilify them as an exercise of our own freedom to speak and put forth our contrarian views but we should never persecute those whose views are different from ours. otherwise, we will be hypocrites who selectively allow the freedom of expression only to those who concur with us. who then is the ultimate arbiter?

i know this means we allow neo-nazis, anti-semitics, religious extremists and the whole bag of bigots to spew their hatred. but if we truly believe in universal freedom of speech, then we should also allow them theirs.

as such, i read with sadness the expulsion of the holocaust-denying bishop. i disagree with him completely but yet he should not be subjected to such treatment for stating what he believes, even if many (myself included) think he is deluded or in denial.


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