miss potts panders

recently watched the long awaited ‘ironman’ with some friends over the weekend. found it very much a typical summer blockbuster; with the requisite suave hero, sleek cars, slick stunts and hot blondes. i was happy to leave the intellectual at home and accept the predictability of the plot and 2-dimensional characters on the premise it’s a summer action flick. however, one thing just would not sit well with me…the character of miss potts…

miss pepper potts (played by gwyneth paltrow)..(i guess the name should have been a dead giveaway)…plays PA cum executive secretary to bilionaire play-boy genius and scion of stark enterprises, tony stark (robert downey jr). in a rare twist of the plot, the prim and proper PA falls for tony boy (!) but is alas torn between her sense of professionalism and her heart. that’s all fine and well but what upset the feminist in me was the lack of spunk or sassiness in her character. she was quite content to play the role of the docile capable assistant and then later, the part of the damsel-in-distress. what happened to girl power and ‘i-can-come-along-and-save-the-world-with-you-too?

to be fair, she did run around quite a bit in very tight skirts and killer heels,especially when she running away from the evil section 16 ironman prototype….and that places a lot of strain on the calves and leg muscles…..furthermore, looking terrified and in need of rescuing from the big bad machine is hard work.

seriously, even the shallow billionaire found his life’s calling by saving terrorised Afghan civilians through ironman, his alter-ego. in her moment of vulnerability, all she could say about her meaning in life was this…”you’re all i’ve got”. i must admit to being a tad bit disappointed there. even the bond girls were given more credit …..Vesper Lynd was a brilliant accountant with Her Majesty’s Treasury and Miranda Frost was a double agent and world-class Olympian fencer.

don’t mistake this for a rant. all-in-all, i’m just voicing my surprise that hollywood is allowed to get away with such a wishy washy heroine given the strong female role models they have been featuring in movies to appease the politically correct and ultra-feminists (moi excluded).

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