Dear Father 23Aug07

dear Lord,

thank you so much for showing me just how much i am worth in Your eyes. and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

i am worth the death of your Son. wow. what an amazing truth. it takes my finite & limited mind to comprehend such a thing.

father, forgive me for the envy i have felt toward so many others so seem to have it better than me. this is an indirect insult towards you, as i am saying that what You have given me is not enough. and that the death of Christ on the cross for ME is not enough for my self worth.

father, heal me and guide me for Your name’s sake. thank you for reminding me that all your actions are loving and faithful. help give me a thirst for your Word and help me to desire to live a Godly live that pleases You.

lastly O Lord, use me to bless others. help me use the gifts you have given me to bless the children of bukit temuan. help us to show Christ’s love to them.

In Jesus’name. Amen.

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