finally watched ‘300’ in DVD over the weekend. what AMAZING fight scenes! superb choreography álbeit with a little bit of CGI involved.

was forewarned by considerate male colleagues who thought the blood and gore might be too much for my delicate female senses. little did they know that i relished war movies. 😉

another great war scene is found at the start of ‘gladiator’ when the roman army lead by general maximus does battle with the ferocious germanic barbarians. blades slice bones and sever limbs, spewing blood and bile unto the muddy ground. men roar in pain and agony with each pierce of the sword.

another historic and utterly realistic battle scene is from ‘saving private ryan’ which depicts the landing at normandy beach, france.  the normandy invasion of 1944 by the allied forces in their war against hitler to remains the largest seaborne invasion in history, involving almost 3m troops crossing the english channel to normandy.

as the soldiers leapt out of the landing crafts into the hail of bullets from the German artillery defending the beach, the men valiantly push forth to take the beach despite severe injuries and death. the cinema reel captures images of men crying in horror once they realise their legs and arms are blown off. another cries for his mother as he holds his exposed gut in shock.  

what do i get from watching these movies? as a student of history, these movies allow a vivid visual presentation of what history books can only describe in words. written records may not do justice to the valour of the men who perish in battlefields. in addition, these movies show in graphic detail the ugliness of war, not the sanitised version we get to see on CNN. the thousands of men who die such horrific deaths bring across a very strong message to me about the futility of war.  don’t get me wrong, i am no pacifist. when under attack, a nation has the right to defend itself and the safety of its people. however, the motives for wars have not always been noble. more of than not, they are fueled by avarice and the insatiable thirst for power. we need not look further than what is happening in iraq for a case in point.

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