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Current Mood: tired

it’s been awhile since i last wrote. thought i’d pen a few lines to keep this journal active.so much has happened in a span of one year. my first year of work has been interesting, exhausting and has stretched me to my limits.

i’ve fallen in and out of “love”, chartered the murky waters of office politics, worked with 3 different bosses, partied my life out and expanded my social circle considerably. i’ve achieved much at work but could have done some things better.

the cambridge thing doesn’t haunt me as much anymore, only in moments when i feel inadequate and stupid.

working life is much better than student life – it just suites me more.

it’s tiring but satisfying…

guess i’m really happy at this moment despite the stresses at work. despite the daily battle, at the end of the day, i come home to rest like a war weary soldier. tomorrow has it’s own battles.

best thing is, i have less time for self-reflection and self-criticism…which is always good

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