LJ: *sigh*

Current Mood: anxious

feeling anxious today. worried about application to HSBC’s debt finance dept. need to write a cover letter but don’t really know where to start. should cut and paste from other cover letters sent earlier. perfectionist tendencies kicking in again. argh, just write the damn thing and stop procrastinating! sheesh…..

but at least i had a good game of golf today to help me de-stress. it’s an amazing feeling to watch your ball take off and take flight, landing just metres away from the green on a par 3 hole. glad i could also spend quality time with dad on the course. sometimes, moments of happiness like this – a great round of golf with my dad – is what the good life is all about. i don’t think a high flying career is going to give me the happiness or meaning that i seek. but then again…sometimes, it’s hard to go against the grain.


have been reading germaine greer’s ‘female eunuch’ – VERY INTERESTING. why have i not ventured into feminist literature before? she’s raised pretty interesting points and has got me thinking about myself and my feminity. i don’t agree with some of her arguments, but those that i can appreciate i find them to be very thought-provoking.

sigh, should stop getting distracted and get to the cover letter. have to send it in by tonight.

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